Pitchers King Felix Suffers Shoulder Injury and Added to Disabled List

King Felix Suffers Shoulder Injury and Added to Disabled List

Felix Hernandez, also most well known as “King” Felix or the ace of the Seattle Mariners may not be able to play for a max of four weeks because of an injury that he suffered in his right shoulder.  In the 2016 season, Hernandez had his first loss by pitching a total of six innings, five walks, and six strikeouts. He did well in the next start by getting most strikeouts and beating the record of former Mariner Randy Johnson. He also defeated Mike Trout of the Angels with a score of 3-2 making him have a perfect game for his career.
However, starting 2017, he was added to the 10-day disabled list because of his shoulder injury. This season, …

Diamondbacks Games Happening Today

Games Happening Today

Today, we’ve got the return of the Nationals against the Mets with Jacob deGrom pitching Max Scherzer. Both are very well known pitchers who have very high strikeout rates. As compared to deGrom, Scherzer does have a better record when it comes to preventing home runs and walks which make Scherzer have a better ranking than deGrom.
Next up on the list would be Diamondbacks versus the Rockies in Phoenix playing the NL West. Fans will get to see the famous Kyle Freeland go against another famous player Robbie Ray. Freeland, who was previously very known for his walks and hits has already given those up but still keeps his ERA consistent. We’ll be able to know how the game between the two fa…

Los Angeles Dodgers Kenta Maeda Records Dips Unless He Brings In the Sinker

Kenta Maeda Records Dips Unless He Brings In the Sinker

Well-known Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Kenta Maeda seems to have lost the momentum of some of his pitches recently. As compared to last year, he’s already pitched seven home runs against his competitors already by using a signature fastball. The big question here is what made the difference from his previous pitches. Based on his previous pitches at the start of Colorado, it seems like velocity wasn’t an issue with Maeda. The problem here would be the changeup. American balls are slightly different as compared to their counterparts in Japan.
The difference is probably the reason as to why his pitches were slightly off. While he has been concentrating on delivering fastballs and also a few curvebal…