About Us

About Us

Knuckle Curve is your one-stop destination for real-time baseball events coverage and articles. The idea for the website started with Jerrod Wilf, who wanted to build a place for people to come together and share their opinions and discussions about baseball. Eventually, he accomplished his dream by creating Knuckle Curve.

Our team is led by a group of leading writers and contributors who are all fans and baseball enthusiasts. We consist of many different people such as baseball players, sports writers, and more. Our goal here at Knuckle Curve is to provide our readers with only the best and most comprehensive content of their favorite teams and news about anything baseball related.

What we do is very simple. We find out what our fans want, and we give it to them. Our team of writers, columnists, and back end office staff work day and night to give you the articles that want with regard to baseball. Whether it would be baseball team news, game news, fantasy baseball, or simply blogs, we’ll give it to you in real time. We take pride in not only providing top quality sports content, but also in being in the loop and updated with the sports news. We envision our website not only to be a website that provides news about baseball, but also serve as a community to bring together all fans who share the passion and enthusiasm for the beautiful sport of baseball.

We maintain our website with our readers on our mind ensuring that we share the same enthusiasm as our readers. This is why we’ll be sure to always cater to our visitors’ needs and wants with regard to top quality baseball content.

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