How Do You Play Baseball Darts?

How Do You Play Baseball Darts?

Darts is not only an entertaining game to play but also a versatile one. It’s one of those pub games wherein a lot of variety can be done with it, so it’s really an amazing activity that you can do with your family and friends.

One of the most popular varieties of darts which is in all darts reviews is baseball darts. It’s still like how you play darts but with a little touch of baseball in it. It’s surely fun and can easily bring that competitive vibe within the group of players. If you’re interested, here’s how to play it:

Prepare the Scoring Sheet

First, prepare your scoring sheet. Write all of the player names on top of the paper and on the side, put the numbers 1-9 and a total below.

Set the Battle Order

There are a lot of ways to do this, but traditionally, you can pick the battle order by letting all of the players throw a dart on the board. The one closest to the bullseye will do first and the furthest will go last.

Hit the Target Innings

There is a corresponding inning per game. If the inning is 1, you need to throw your darts within the 1 section or inning. Darts that don’t land in the specified inning will not have a score.

Count the Runs Accurately

Now comes the baseball part where you’ll have to count all of the runs done by the players. Here, the runs are determined based on the double and triple rings on the dartboard. You’d get 2 runs for the double rings and 3 three runs on the triple rings.

Finish the Game

Now that you already know how the scoring and the runs are done, you can now finish a game with your friends. In the game, each player has a chance to throw a maximum of 3 darts. Make sure to aim according to the specified inning and runs.

Add all of your Scores

Once done with a session, you can now add all of your scores. The one with the highest runs and score is considered the winner.

Consider Including the 7th Inning Rule

While this part can be left out, the 7th inning rule is definitely a great addition when you want to add more tension and excitement in the game. To put it simply, this twist will cut a player’s score in half if he can’t place a run in the 7th inning.

Just the thought of it makes the game more exciting. However, especially for beginners, not everyone appreciates the idea of the 7th inning rule. So, you can leave this part out. For new players, it’s ideal that you leave this part out and practice more on how the scoring is done and focus more on hitting the targets correctly.

These are the basics of baseball darts. If you have an upcoming event with your friends at home or at the pub, then this exciting game will surely give you a blast.

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