Which Countries Play Baseball?

Which Countries Play Baseball?

People are often connected through sports. Whether it is in the playground or backyard, it can bring people together in a unique way. Sport is even a powerful tool in connecting different races, nationalities, and different countries. A good example is the sport of baseball which was developed by the Americans and has spread throughout the world.

Today, the sport is played all around the globe. Travel.voyagevietnam.co‘s research shows that even when you travel to Vietnam which is considered a football country, baseball is starting to grow its popularity. The United States and other Central American countries are still on top in terms of followers, but other continents are starting to catch up too. Below is the breakdown of countries that play baseball based on popularity.

North and South America

Because of the influence of the US, the popularity of baseball has spread to different countries in the continent. In fact, the Major League Baseball is the top professional baseball league in the US and Canada. Other minor leagues are held in countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, and Puerto Rico. There are also amateur leagues that are played in Cuba, Canada, and the US.


Though not the same compared to the American continent, baseball in Europe is on the rise in terms of popularity. The Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) governs baseball throughout the continent and has run the European Baseball Championship since 1954. The CEB started with 5 member countries namely France, Belgium, West Germany, Italy, and Spain but has grown to 38 member countries as of today. Netherlands and Italy are the most successful countries in the continent’s baseball championship, winning 25 crowns between the two of them.


You can call it the Asian invasion with the sport becoming one of the most beloved sports in the continent. No less than 3 countries in Asia rank in the top 5 of the baseball world rankings in 2017 with Japan taking the top spot while South Korea and Chinese Taipei ranking 3rd and 4th respectively. The Baseball Federation of Asia governs the sport in the region and was established in 1954 in the Philippines. Currently, there are 24 active member countries and one non-member observer in Vietnam.


Australian’s affair of baseball has been established since 1869. Today, the Australian Baseball League is one of the most watch competitions in Australia with a number of teams competing. In New Zealand, a national league has also been established, and many players from this country are currently playing the Major League Baseball in the US.


The development of baseball in Africa has been the slowest compared to other major continents. In fact, this is the only continent that the sport enjoys less popularity with only South Africa participating in a major baseball tournament internationally. The Africa Baseball and Softball Association was only established in the year 1990.

Baseball has been embraced by different countries all over the world. In fact, it is now safe to say that the sport is being played internationally in all corners of the globe. With its increasing popularity, more and more people will be involved in playing the sport in the coming years.

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