Movies You Should Watch if You Love Baseball

Movies You Should Watch if You Love Baseball

Over the years, baseball has become the sport of choice for many Americans. Baseball has served as a way for fathers to bond with their boys and has also helped shape the idea of masculinity. It is for this reason that there are so many putlocker movies that are rooted on this sport. In this article, we focus on some of the best baseball movies that are utterly unforgettable.

The Natural (1984)

Directed by Barry Levinson, this film is based on the Bernard Malamud novel. There is no doubt that it is one of the greatest baseball films of all time with the most exhilarating bat scenes. The story is about Robert Redford who stars as Roy Hobbs, a player with a promising career who rises to great heights in an attempt to be the best in the game. However, at just 19, his promising career is cut short by a deadly dame.

16 years later, Hobbs returns to play the major league ball. He gets signed to the fictional New York Knights team.

Pride of the Yankees (1942)

Directed by Sam Wood and William Cameron Menzies, this film is about Gary Cooper who plays the role of the legendary Lou Gehrig. The 19-year-old Lou Gehrig was among the classiest Baseball players in America. It all began when Lou, also known as Iron Horse, recorded a number of games during the Yankee baseball era. Unfortunately, his career came to an end due to a fatal nerve disease that eventually bore his name.

However, it is the humble and optimistic farewell speech that Copper made that overwhelmed the fans in the Yankee stadium. Gary embodies this hero with the famous phrase, “Today I consider myself the luckiest man in the face of the earth.”

Field of Dreams (1989)

Field of dreams is about forgiveness, second chances and overcoming impossible obstacles. Adapted from the W.P Kinsella’s novel, this story is about believing in the magic of sports. It is about disconnecting from the worries of the world and working hard to overcome the impossible obstacles in the game.

Bull Durham (1988)

This baseball movie was ranked as the number one sports movie by Sport Illustrated. It is a more mature flick which was directed by Ron Shelton, a former minor league player. It, therefore, gives insight into the lives of minor league baseball players like Kevin Costner who plays as Crash Davis.

Kevin was brought in to mentor a young pitcher named Tim Robbins in order to help him break through to the show. Not only does this movie portray minor league baseball, but it also incorporates love and romance.

The Sandlot (1993)

If you are nostalgic for childhood sports, The Sandlot is the perfect film for you. This classic film is about a group of boys in the 1960’s who would hang out in the local sandlot to swing the bat. Apart from their shared love for baseball, they would also hang out at the pool and ride bikes with friends during summertime.

Major League (1989)

If you are a fan of underdog stories, then you might want to watch the Major League. However, this is not your typical underdog story as it is quite unpredictable. A team of baseball players is put together to intentionally cause disaster and become the worst baseball team in the league.

Directed by David S. Ward, Major League is created out of love for baseball, and it is really funny.

Bad News Bears (1976)

Bad News Bears is about misfit little leaguers who are coached by an ex-minor leaguer. Although this film is funny, it is also shocking listening to how the kids swear and drink like sailors, not forgetting that they are terrible at baseball. Despite the cursing and drinking, the film is about maintaining your self-respect, finding redemption in each other and not allowing competition spoil the fun of the game.

A League of Their Own (1992)

A League of Their Own is a fantastic movie about women who play baseball during the World War 2. This classic movie features casts like Madonna, Gina Davis and Rosie O ‘Donnell who kept the sport alive during the world war period. It also features Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan, an alcoholic and former pro-player turned coach.

These classic baseball films will serve as the backdrop of cherished memories and will take you back to your youth. Pop some popcorn and be sure to watch these films to get you in the baseball mood.

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