Cryptocurrency Hedge fund recently launched by Minor League Baseball Player

Cryptocurrency Hedge fund recently launched by Minor League Baseball Player

The name Tyler Adkison has recently been trending and everyone has been constantly asking numerous questions on how a person can trade his career as a professional baseball player and wade into the volatile and unknown world of cryptocurrency and crypto trading. Well for the 22-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers player, this comes as no surprise as cryptocurrency is the next big thing for this tech-savvy generation. Why is this so?

The use and trading of cryptocurrency is largely gaining momentum and looking at the facts, it’s justifiable to conclude so. Bitmex Signals on Telegram helped pushed the momentum along immensely. On November 2017, Bitcoin was trading at $800 and shortly after, its price skyrocketed to a whopping $7,000. As of now, it’s trading at $6,399.53. You now get a clear picture of why Mr. Adkinson decided to abandoned his career as a professional baseball player and formed the Block Terra Capital LLC solely for Athletes.

Until recently, online payments and transactions have faced major problems of double payment, and there has always been the need to develop a new kind of digital or virtual currency meant to address this problem. This is where Cryptocurrency came into existence; it can simply be described as a form of electronic cash system that works perfectly as a medium of exchange. This is different from other forms of online payments as it’s decentralized– meaning that aren’t any servers involved here, neither is there a central controlling authority. With the cryptocurrency network, only miners are involved as they are the ones who confirm the transactions by cracking and solving the puzzles.

Mr. Tyler Adkison ventured into the cryptocurrency Hedge fund idea knowing that the cryptocurrencies are currently the pinnacle of technological advancement and are set to be ushered in by new millennials. This is evident as by the following ways:

Cryptocurrencies are used to purchase goods

Cryptocurrencies are now accepted by different merchants as a form of payment. Notable online retailers such as Newegg and Overstock are some of the examples of retailers who have embraced the currency. Moreover, there are lots of merchants both offline and online who have accepted Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as forms of payments. It’s no surprise that Bitcoins are currently used to pay for flights, hotels, apps, jewelry, computer parts, and in some countries, you can even pay bitcoins for your college degree.

Cryptocurrencies provide an investment option

Though described as being a high-risk investment option, crypto trading is largely common today. In fact, a lot of people have made a notable profit from it. Through means like Bitmex trading which is basically a peer to peer trading avenue or platform which offers leverage contracts that are bought and sold in, Bitcoin has enabled the growth of Bitcoin trading and investment.


Tyler Adkison’s decision to leave his career as a professional baseball player to venture into cryptocurrency is totally justifiable. Cryptocurrency is set to impac the world of electronic cash system– the result is going to be huge. Judging by the current market trends and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, surely digital or virtual currencies will continue to be the next big thing.

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