Players from MBL Suffers from Social Media Mishaps, Harder and Newcomb Faces Criticism Due to their Past Tweets

Players from MBL Suffers from Social Media Mishaps, Harder and Newcomb Faces Criticism Due to their Past Tweets

Major League Baseball pitcher Josh Harder and Sean Newcomb are now facing up to sexist, racist and homophobic tweets that they have sent when they were younger.

Publicist Lauren Walsh recollects how she had dealt with offensive Facebook posts of an NFL draftee prior to this incident. Walsh is currently part of the LW Branding. This company had been taking care of the images of 40 NFL players for the past three years. Their role is to secure their clients’ social media accounts from an Instagram hack. But they also keep their Instagram Account Security update.

According to Walsh, the first step in cleaning a client’s image is reviewing his social media history. Walsh had recalled how she went through each post and took down the ones that are deemed offensive.  She believed that one post can easily damage one’s image.

She is currently in charge of cleaning Sean Newcomb’s reckless post from his younger year. Sean Newcomb was currently caught in social media mishap after his offensive post from 2011 to 2012. He was forced to call a conference before his big game against the Dodgers.

Apart from Newcomb, another player was forced to issue an apology for the same social media mishap. Josh Harder of the Milwaukee Brewers issued an apology after his past tweets resurfaced during the All-Star games.  During his first game with the Brewers, he was given a standing ovation. However, on the second half of the season, Harder was booed in San Francisco.

This type of social media mishaps has been a recurring incident with many young athletes. Many high-caliber athletes have been forced to issue public apologies due to their past tweets. Players like Josh Allen and Donte DiVincenzo were not only known for their skills but also for their racially insensitive tweets.

Walsh knew these things happen and oftentimes resurface when players are in their defining moment. Walsh believed that immaturity had played a role in these offensive comments. These players have never thought that these tweets would eventually get back at them when the time comes.

Walsh believes that athletes should definitely start thinking about the bigger picture. That way, they would be able to lessen damages from slip-ups done by athletes. The mistakes of Newcomb and Harder is a lesson that should also be learned by the new aspiring athletes.

Currently, Harder and Newcomb’s careers will be discussed by their respective athletic departments, agents, handlers, and professional teams. Many team executives are now aware of the damages caused by social media troubles. They have become more careful in evaluating the players for their multi-million dollar investments.

According to Creighton spokesperson, this event is considered an eye-opener for them. With this, they will be able to discuss more thoroughly with their team. Although it hadn’t happened with their team yet, they are now considering social media checkers to browse over their athletes’ social media history.

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