Protein for Baseball Players

Protein for Baseball Players

Have you ever wondered why a cheetah runs so fast, chasing after its prey? Take a look at its diet. It preys on medium-sized animals weighing up 23 to 56 kilograms. But for the record, cheetahs are in fact, the fastest land animals.

We can liken cheetahs to baseball players. Baseball players, unlike body-building athletes, rely on speed and so do cheetahs. It is important for them to catch the ball before their opponent.

Moreover, the cheetah has an eagle’s eye which means it can easily detect its prey. In study of protein for baseball players, they too concluded that baseball pitcher likewise needs to outsmart his opponent that he will miss the ball being thrown at him (strike 1, 2, 3 – out). On the other hand, the batter should be able to gauge the speed and trajectory of the ball and hit it real hard and high, giving ample time for his teammates to make a home run.

Why Protein is Integral in Our Diet

It is easy to understand why baseball players, like the cheetah, need protein in their diet. Nutritionists say protein helps build and repair muscles. It goes without saying that the main target of protein is our muscles. And unlike ordinary people, athletes largely depend on their muscles for their living. Dieticians recommend 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein for ordinary people but it is different for athletes: 1.7 grams and this could increase for body-builders.

Protein is food and experts claim that food is medicine. As such, it is not stored in our bodies but flushed away on a daily basis and, thus, needs to be replenished. Protein is considered a macronutrient, a nutrient that is essential to

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our diet because our bodies mostly consist of muscles. As mentioned earlier, athletes such as baseball players depend on their muscles. To feed their muscles, they need protein.


Where Can Athletes Get Protein

There are other sources of protein where you can also get additional nutrients like calcium which is good for the bones and teeth. Red meat (beef and pork), white meat (poultry and eggs), seafood (fish and shellfish) are good sources of macronutrients but so are milk, protein shakes, and energy drinks.

Athletes need to develop and maintain healthy bones, too, because the skeletons support their muscles. This is where milk comes into the picture, a good source of calcium. Sometimes when athletes like baseball players need a quick replenishment of protein, they resort to protein drinks or shakes because they do not have time to chew while they are in the game. In the same vein, they need to find a quick substitute for protein while they are training.

Generally, what keeps athletes and baseball players fit and healthy are plenty of exercise, good diet and nutrition, and, of course, protein foods/drinks which support their muscles and bones.

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