CBD Helps MLB Player Beat Painkillers

CBD Helps MLB Player Beat Painkillers

Beyond the excellent gameplay and admirable sportsmanship that fans see in public, athletes face a myriad of physical and mental challenges that they must overcome in order to continue performing at their best. Like all other athletes who continuously exert their bodies to their breaking point, baseball athletes go through multiple pains and even surgeries just to keep themselves in tip-top shape.

Even the best, brightest and most talented baseball stars encounter these troubles and physical pains every now and then. And though there exists a wide variety of choices to treat these problems and relieve these pains, the method of choice these days seems to be the use of Cannabidiol or CBD Oil.

CBD Oil is a well-known natural remedy used to relieve different kinds of ailments. In simpler words, it is marijuana without the high. It provides all the same relief and effects that a marijuana plant can give, but with the absence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that is responsible for the “high” that the drug is so infamous for.

In this way, CBD Oil is thought of by many athletes – specifically, baseball players – as ‘medical marijuana.’ It is especially helpful for those players who have undergone surgery, and need a healthier alternative to usual painkillers such as Percocet. Similar painkillers have been found to even be addictive, doing more harm than good for the athletes who use them.

The legalization of marijuana has inspired a years-long debate between those who support it and those who are against it. Nonetheless, CBD oil’s growing popularity and increased use by athletes come at no better time, as the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has begun to gain traction in recent years.

Although these new legislations still rule that professional athletes who are living in the states where the medical use of marijuana is allowed will have to go through tests, many athletes and even coaches – are coming forward to support the future of sports and cannabis.

Those from the field of sports who are voicing their support state that medical marijuana is a budding method of treatment for athletes everywhere. They also say that it definitely has a bright future in the field of sports as a healthier alternative to old methods of pain relief.

Baseball stars such as David Wells, who made his mark in the baseball world by pitching perfect games and winning not one but two World Series and even trusted and leading authorities on medical cannabis, such as Dr. Allan Frankel, are voicing their support towards the healthy and justified use of medical marijuana by athletes.

With medical marijuana, they say, athletes such as David Wells, can perform at their best without worrying about the possibility of addiction or the repercussions faced by people who need to relieve physical and body pains on a daily basis. Thus, with the help of this innovative drug, athletes can continue focusing on their own games and continue improving their livelihood.


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