Month: September 2018

Health Protein for Baseball Players

Protein for Baseball Players

Have you ever wondered why a cheetah runs so fast, chasing after its prey? Take a look at its diet. It preys on medium-sized animals weighing up 23 to 56 kilograms. But for the record, cheetahs are in fact, the fastest land animals.
We can liken cheetahs to baseball players. Baseball players, unlike body-building athletes, rely on speed and so do cheetahs. It is important for them to catch the ball before their opponent.
Moreover, the cheetah has an eagle’s eye which means it can easily detect its prey. In study of protein for baseball players, they too concluded that baseball pitcher likewise needs to outsmart his opponent that he will miss the ball being thrown at him (strike 1, 2, 3 …

Health CBD Helps MLB Player Beat Painkillers

CBD Helps MLB Player Beat Painkillers

Beyond the excellent gameplay and admirable sportsmanship that fans see in public, athletes face a myriad of physical and mental challenges that they must overcome in order to continue performing at their best. Like all other athletes who continuously exert their bodies to their breaking point, baseball athletes go through multiple pains and even surgeries just to keep themselves in tip-top shape.
Even the best, brightest and most talented baseball stars encounter these troubles and physical pains every now and then. And though there exists a wide variety of choices to treat these problems and relieve these pains, the method of choice these days seems to be the use of Cannabidiol or CBD Oil….

Paternity Leave Fatherhood – What’s it Like to be Really There?

Fatherhood – What’s it Like to be Really There?

While some couples face parenthood together since day 1, others do not. As the mothers are the ones who are carrying the baby, it is always a different story for the fathers. In fact, though paternity leaves were granted before, not all of the expecting fathers grab this chance to be there for the birth of their children. Let alone when the child takes their first steps using a baby walker.
However, in baseball history, one newborn has a unique distinction among the rest.  She was among one of the first babies to have ever had her father witness her birth. Elizabeth Grace Lewis, the daughter of Colby Lewis, …